Friday, October 26, 2012

My 2'x4' World

Here's the trackplan for the 2'x4' N scale layout I am building in my tiny apartment:

It's a design by M.C. Fujiwara that ran in Model Railroader magazine, although they called the top town "Whiskey Barrel;" either the original name was too long or they didn't know what a bunghole is.

Anyway, I'm building it as a layout representing South Carolina. The Whiskey Barrel side will be a town with a large papermill, and the Gotham side will be...uh...a town with, among other things, a customer for the paper.

It's suitable for F7s, GP7s and 40' freight cars. My original big plans for a layout included passenger trains running on the ACL's famed double-track mainline, but this will do.

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